BEAUTIFUL STRANGER  //  Game Design / Graphic Design


Meet your Wingman.

This game will get you through the awkward silences, the list of expected first questions and the boring chitchat first dates are known for. You will not only meet a beautiful stranger but you will have fun while at it. In the pursuit to know one of his or hers most precious secrets.

You Will Meet A Beautiful Stranger is a It's a two person card guessing game, with a touch of truth or dare. It was created as an ice breaker game for dating or any other situation where you would like to know a stranger's secrets.





TELL CARD: Act out or model to answer the question on the card. No words are allowed! The opposite stranger needs to guess the answer in 1 minute or less. If guessed correctly: The communicator collects the card.The stranger who guessed correctly scores 1 point. If not guessed: The card goes back to the bottom of the pile.

DO CARD: These are dares. The stranger who draws this card gets to ask the other stranger to perform an action of his or her choosing. If the dare is done: The stranger who did the dare scores 1 point and keeps the card. If the dare is not done: The card goes back to the bottom of the pile.

SWITCH CARD: The stranger who draws this card can use it to switch communication methods when needed. Acting out for modeling or modeling for acting out until another SWITCH card is used.

Beautiful Stranger Deliverable-01.png



1.   Each stranger picks a compartment and blank SECRET note, writes a secret and hides it in the compartment.

2.   The stranger who hides her/his secret first decides who starts the game and each stranger’s unique method of communication (acting out or modeling with clay).

3.   Both strangers take turns drawing cards from the deck and performing the prompted actions.

4.   The stranger who scores 7 points wins the game and gets to unlock the other stranger’s secret compartment.